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Make your small home look modern (and stylish!)

Make your small home look modern (and stylish!)

1. Draw up a scale plan before you start

You need to know exactly what space you have to work with so sketch out every room to show the shape and size before you plan or buy anything.

2. Consider using earth tones

More pared back and neutral earth tones have a knack for making small spaces seem much bigger and they always look contemporary.

3. Use mirrors and art to good effect

We all know that a large mirror will add to the perceived size of a small room, but also add some art to up your modern home furnishing game. Together, mirrors and art are an auspicious pair!

4. Choose punchy accent colours

If you want to add in some colour to your modern masterpiece of a home, choose bright, vivid shades that will draw the eye. If people are looking at a yellow chair, they won't be calculating the square meterage of the room!

5. Think about the dining room

So often forgotten about, your dining room needs to be given serious thought.

Choose a dining set that won't swallow up too much room but will account for as many guests as you expect to have at any one time.

And perhaps consider knocking a wall out to open plan things a little more!

6. Make a splash with your hallway

In a small home every space counts towards making a good impression and, as the first point of contact, your hallway needs to be exemplar. This is a good location for some extra art, mirrors and definitely some flowers!

7. Could you have an indoor garden?

This is a question worth asking, as indoor gardens are hugely popular in modern homes right now. You only need a small segment of space, such as under your stairs, and you could make a big contemporary statement.

8. Don't overlook your kitchen

A vital part of any home, your kitchen naturally wants to be modern and cutting edge! Brushed metal appliances and industrial tones work well to create a contemporary and functional look.

9. A terrace will add extra room

If you have a balcony or some outdoor space, a well thought out terrace will serve as an extra gathering spot and be a wonderful way to put your stamp on another 'room'.

10. Your bedroom should be fairly minimal

You only need to rest in your bedroom so why clutter the space with extraneous furniture and televisions? Keep it simple, pared back and sparse for a modern and functional aesthetic.

11. Bathrooms can take some adventurous design ideas

A small bathroom doesn't have to be a boring one, especially if you're trying to capture a modern aesthetic. Vibrant tiles and polished concrete are the best of friends and we think you'll agree they look amazing here!

12. Open plan living should be a go-to idea.

Modern homes are becoming more and more open plan, especially small ones, as it's a great way to make a house feel far bigger without adding any extensions.

13. No window? No problem!

In small modern homes, clever techniques are being used to create the illusion of space and airiness. We think this large wall decal shows the potential for optical illusions to make a big impact!

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