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Let's unleash the full potential,
makes dream a reality, together

Work with the purposeful home interiors organization

Interspace is focusing on Malaysia home interiors segment and strive to deliver a world that people are living in the fullest with a happiness home.

The Interspace way of life

Beside delivering a beautiful home, being a Spacer, we also shared the same beliefs.

Result speak the loudest

We don't just work hard, we embrace work smart on delivering results

Uplift one another for growth

We uplift one another to evolve and to become a better a version of us

Embrace innovation

We experiment, we learn, break up the complicated and think ground up

Selfless services

We believe that the more selfless service we do, the more successful we will become

Love Interspace, love family, love people

Together everyone achieve more

We believe that love is the foundation for a better.  We love who we are, what we do, and people around us

Unity is strength, when we come together,
wonderful things can be achieved

Servant leadership

As we look into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others

Perks of being a Spacer

Only at Interspace:


Work in an organisation that not just focusing of profit & loss, but also passion & love, and purpose & life


We encourage work life integration. We believe that while emphasising on career development, your life can be equally beautiful. 


There are 10 areas of our life that we gonna look into, career is just one of it. If you're capable to handle the 9 areas of your life, your career will be equally blossom.

Suitable compensation:


Competitive remuneration packages


Performance based appraisals

More benefits:


Flexible work arrangement


Medical allowances


Leave entitlement




Training, coaching


Sport days, gathering days

Our Spacer Teams

We hire smarter! We hiring people smarter than us. We’re driven by ideas & performance, not hierarchy. Whatever it is with your strengths, we have a place for you. Write to us at and join us today!

  • Why should I choose Interspace for work?
    We’re glad that you asked. At Interspace, we promised to have open effective management and creative freedom. You will have numerous training opportunities. Your knowledge and skills will be fully utilized. You’ll grow and explore more. You’ll be working with the most trusted interior design brand, and with the brightest mind, that only Malaysia’s No.1 property value creator offer.
  • What’s the culture like at Interspace?
    At Interspace, you’ll find an inclusive working environment that is flexible, positive, and adaptable. Also, we believe in an open and transparent culture that encouraged everyone to contribute and make their life the best out of it.
  • What learning and development opportunities do Interspace offer?
    You are encouraged to learn continuously, develop and grow to unleash your full potential. Multiple workshops and 1-on-1 training will be provided to enhance your skills and knowledge. You are accessible to training opportunities and external coaches to take your career to the next level.
  • Do u offer flexible working hours?
    Yes, we do. Overall, we focus on what and how well things can get done in the most efficient way, rather than where and when. In general, 5 days a week. Exceptions might occur based on the team you are working in.
  • What perks and benefits do you offer?
    We believe in the importance of sales and profits and adopt a holistic approach for our employees. You’ll be rewarded for your efforts with a competitive salary and benefits package. You may benefit from performance rewards, mileage and medical reimbursements, free-flow food, and beverages.
  • What qualities do you look for in a candidate?
    Good question. We seek candidates who are compatible with our collaborative and innovative working environment. Our candidates are passionate, enthusiastic and motivated to unlock the power of renovation to enhance the living quality of life for everyone today. Responsibility, adaptability, a shift in mindset, and inclusivity are also essential.
  • Can I switch roles within the company easily?
    Yes. All Interspace employees have the opportunity to explore roles that match their career goals. Any employee who wants to change roles internally can definitely do it. And yet, the vacancy and the skill fitment do have a role in it.
  • How quickly can I grow and develop within the company?
    Let us put it in this way-- we’ve got plenty of sunshine, water and good soil. We’d love for you to grow. Nothing can stop for you to grow. There are no limits, the sky is your limit.
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