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Payment Policy

Payment Policy

Interspace offers multiple payment gateways to make your home interior and renovation purchase completely hassle-free.


Online payments

Every quotation shared with you will include our bank account details. The Clients are requested to complete all payments to the Company via bank transfer to the bank account details shared in the quotation.


Offline payments

If you wish to make your payments offline, you can write a cheque Interspace Management Sdn Bhd. Please get in touch with your Interspace team to opt for this option.

Transaction failures

In the event of a failed transaction, please contact your bank immediately. Interspace shall not be liable for any payments that do not complete because of insufficient funds, incorrect and/or expired payment details and circumstances beyond our control that are likely to prevent the completion of a transaction.


Should you still need any assistance with your payment, please contact us at +603 8999 0816 between 930 am to 630 pm, from Monday to Friday.


Terms and conditions

  1. Delays in making a payment at any stage can cause a delay in the project completion. Interspace is not liable for any such delay.

  2. No refund in case of any project cancellation

  3. Interspace reserves the right to revise the applicable payment terms from time to time in its sole discretion provided, however, that such revision shall not apply retrospectively. 

  4. All charges payable for products or services availed through Interspace’s services will be subject to prevailing statutory taxes as may be in force or introduced at any time.

  5. All payments by client in respect of products or services availed through Interspace’s services shall be paid without set-off or counterclaim and free and clear of and without deduction or withholding for or on account of any taxes, levies, imposts, duties, fees, assessments or other charges of whatever nature, imposed by any governmental authorities, and all interest, penalties or similar liabilities with respect thereto.

  6. Payees shall be responsible for their own bank charges or fees, including but not limited to remittance fees and credit card fees, in connection with their payments.

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